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Parental Alienation Riječi svjetskih stručnjaka

Dole navedeno su riječi najpoznatijih svjetskih stručnjaka s područja otuđenja djece od roditelja. Oni osobno govore o toj temi. Nisam ih željela prevoditi. Željela sam da osjetite izvornu snagu tih riječi.  

Amy J.L.Baker, američka stručnjakinja za parental alienation

„Dr. Baker has a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Teachers College of Columbia University.Her areas of research include parental alienation, child welfare, parent involvement in their children’s education, early intervention, and attachment. She is the Director of Research at the Vincent J. Fontana Center for Child Protection.She is the author or co-author of 8 books and over 65 peer reviewed articles.“

 “When Inaction Is the Riskiest Action

When I train judges, I usually at some point look at them and tell them “You are lazy cowards” and you know what? They shrug their shoulders and sheepishly agree. They know that they are risk aversive. So my secret weapon against risk aversion is to educate them that to do nothing is a choice also and in the case of alienation, a choice that has known negatives consequences associated with it. So, judges beware! I am going to scare you into taking action. Parental alienation is child abuse and cannot be allowed to continue even if acting makes you uncomfortable.”

dr. Amy J.L.Baker, web stranica i blog

Ashish S.Joshi, američki odvjetnik, stručnjak za parental alienation

“Mr. Joshi’s focus lies at the intersection of forensic sciences, human rights, and complex disputes in situations involving severe parental alienation and psychological maltreatment of children, false allegations of child abuse, recovery of abducted children and/or hidden assets in foreign jurisdictions and multi-jurisdictional disputes.”

“Our team has fought intense cases of parental alienation and pathological enmeshment between a parent and the child around the country and internationally. We have won custody and parenting time for the target parents, convinced judges to grant remedial mental health intervention and order criminal and financial sanctions against the alienating parent. We have successfully fought incompetent, corrupt therapists and other professionals who have enabled parental alienation. To some, our results seem like miracles. To us, it is a combination of using cutting-edge science in courtrooms along with skilled legal strategy and effective advocacy.”

Poznata američka odvjetnička firma Joshi o svojim parnicama

Linda J.Gottlieb, LMFT, LCSW-R, američka stručnjakinja za parental alienation

“During her work with 3000 foster children—children who had been removed from their homes due to adjudicated abuse and neglect—Linda discovered just how powerful is the instinct to have and need a parent. She cannot recall a single foster child who rejected a parent. To the contrary, she observed these children to align with their abusive parents and to protect them. And the children craved their visits with their parents and protested each visits’ conclusion.

As a result of her foster care experience, Linda concluded that the instinct to love and need a parent is superseded only by the instinct for survival and the instinct to protect ones young. And Linda has further determined—in part as a result of her foster care experience—that the only explanation for a child’s unjustifiable rejection of a parent is because of a brainwashing—similar to the brainwashing of a cult member—by the other parent or parental figure.”

Amicus Briefs and Testifying

” Based on my extensive experience and expertise with these populations, I have arrived at the conclusion that the eradication of a fit parent from a child’s life is child abuse because it minimizes the child’s likelihood of obtaining optimal development and functioning and because the child is unlikely to escape serious mental health and behavioral symptoms in the coming months and years. This conclusion has been validated by extensive research which be listed shortly in this brief.”

Pročitaj više

Linda J.Gottlieb, web stranica i blog

Konferencija o parental alienation-u u SAD-u, 2021.

“Presenting Parental Alienation cases to the Court is difficult. The primary reason is that it is counter-intuitive. The appearance of what is going on is very different from what is really going on. Alienated children and their alienating parent “appear” to be very close, when they are actually in an unhealthy and enmeshed relationship where children are penalized for independent thought. The falsely accused targeted or unfavored parent may appear unstable, when in actuality, they have been traumatized by loss and false allegations. Things are not as they appear, but in many ways are the opposite to how they appear. Attorneys who represent what they later realize are Alienating Parents have ethical challenges that can nonetheless be overcome. Strategies for the attorney of the alienating parent are discussed with sensitivity to the attorney’s unique ethical obligations to represent their client’s interest. Attorneys for Targeted Parents must present these cases differently than would be the case if Alienation was not present. These are discussed in detail, all centering on the critical theme of exposing the alienating Parent. The cloud of suspicion naturally hovers over the Targeted Parent who has been falsely accused, and this cloud must be transferred to the Alienating Parent.”

Konferencija – informacije


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